46 Test Your Knowledge

1. Experts, such as the American College of Sports Medicine, recommend performing flexibility exercises:

a. A minimum of 2-3 days p/week

b. At least 1-2 days p/week

c. Ideally, 5-7 days p/week

d. Both a and c

2. The best time to perform stretching exercises is:

a. After a warm-up or after a workout session

b. Immediately before all high-performance activities.

c. To the point of pain

d. While holding one’s breath.

3. The technique of stretching that emphasizes contracting followed by relaxing a muscle is called:

a. Ballistic

b. Dynamic

c. PNF

d. Passive

4. The key objective of performing flexibility exercises is to:

a. Increase elasticity and plasticity of the muscles

b. Improve body composition

c. Release toxins that accumulate in the blood

d. Improve lung capacity

6. The stretching technique most often recommended by experts for general fitness is:

a. Dynamic

b. Ballistic

c. PNF

d. Static





Answers: 1.D, 2.A, 3.C, 4.A, 5.D


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