69 Progressing a Plyometric Program

Amanda Shelton

Beginning Plyometrics

The initial focus of the activity should be:

  1. Stabilizing the movement within the joints so that their is control and minimal extraneous movements within the joints during the activity
  2. Optimal landing mechanics
  3. Alignment within the body system as it relates to overall posture
  4. The efficiency of the movement (neuromuscular efficiency)

Intermediate Plyometrics

As the program progresses, the focus should as well. In an intermediate program the focus should shift to:

  1. Increasing the dynamic components of the movement and rate of contraction through the concentric movement.
  2. Transition from double leg to single leg activities to increase more focused single limb force production more similar to sport specific movements.

Advanced Plyometrics

Continued progression is essential for further fitness and performance development. As an individual progresses from an intermediate plyometric program the program can progress to include:

  1. More dynamic contraction through functional and varied planes of motion and ranges of motion. This is a great opportunity to include functional and sport specific movements based on the individuals’ goals.
  2. More focus on speed of movement and explosive power for force production.


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