Book Title: Introduction to Exercise Science for Fitness Professionals

Subtitle: MHCC - HPE172

Author: Amanda Shelton

Book Description: This OER textbook is a resource used to support the Exercise Science course at Mt. Hood Community College as part of the Fitness Professional Certificate program and Exercise and Sport Science transfer degree. This textbook supplies key components of a background in anatomy, biomechanics, human physiology, fitness program components, and strategies for performance adaptations and progression used for developing and optimizing fitness for health and performance.

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Book Description

This project was funded by the MHCC Foundation OER Grant Program and published by MHCC Library Press. MARC record available at the end of the book.

Book Source

This book is a cloned version of Health and Fitness for Life by Dawn Markell and Diane Peterson, published using Pressbooks by MHCC Library Press under a CC BY (Attribution) license. It may differ from the original.


Amanda Shelton



Introduction to Exercise Science for Fitness Professionals
Amanda Shelton
MHCC Library Press
Publication Date
December 15, 2021