5 Additional Resources

Chapter 5:

5.1 Restorative Cookbook

5. 2 Restorative Rubric

5. 3 Anatomy Practice & Review

5.1 Restorative Cookbook

A handy checklist when preparing for restorative treatment. Add or remove items and use when gathering supplies for your board exam.

5.2 Restorative Rubric

A copy of the grading form used in restorative clinic at Mount Hood Community College.

5.3 Anatomy Practice & Review

Most learners can not memorize all the details of a tooth in one sitting. Reviewing anatomy through images, descriptions, and drawing can help you find tiny details previously missed. Small changes make a big difference to the final restoration.

Directions for drawing mandibular first molar

Directions for reproducing a two dimensional replication of first molars. These directions can also guide three dimensional wax carvings for a deeper understanding of dental anatomy.

Anatomy review

A brief review of the critical anatomy needed when placing restorations in first molars. Use this review to clarify technical terms, remember defining features or if you notice low marks in one area of the rubric consistently.


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