4 Common Problems and Solutions

Chapter 4:

4.1 The Matrix Band is In My Way

4.2 The Contact is Too Tight

4.3 Transcripts

The best learners are not afraid to make mistakes and learn from them. This is true for students and seasoned clinicians. Use this space to add examples of common problems and strategies to avoid or correct them.

4.1 The Matrix Band is In My Way

Problem: The matrix band is in my way

Solution: Customize the matrix band

See transcript below.

4.2 The Contact is Too Tight

Problem: composite or amalgam contact is too tight

Solution: use an interproximal reducer

See transcript below.

4.3 Transcripts

Video Transcript: 4.1 The Matrix Band is In My Way

Sometimes the matrix band or tofflemire holder limit instrument use making it impossible to get in the right spot.

One common problem is that the tofflemire guide channel is placed between two cusp tips at the lowest point on the marginal ridge.

To fix, simply move it to line up with a buccal cusp tip  where instruments want a steeper angle anyway.

Another common problem, the matrix band gets in the way. As we all have experienced one size does not fit all and a little alteration might be in order.

Customize the band by marking the highspot,

Either with a marker, If you can keep from drawing on the tooth, or scratching guides in the soft metal. Remove the band and cut away the high spot. Burnish out the rough edges and reposition the band on the tooth.

That’s better.

Video Transcript: 4.2 The Contact is Too Tight

Thankfully this composite is too tight not too loose.  Wedge the contact open and use an interproximal reducer to slightly relieve the contact.

An easy fix.

Perfect now.


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