2 Vocabulario: mandatos en clase


Mandatos Commands
abra Ud.
(spoken to 1 student)
abran Uds.
(spoken to all students = with “n”)
abran los libros open your books
apunten write (jot down)
apúrense hurry up
caminen a la pizarra walk to the (chalk) board
cierren los libros close your books
circulen por la clase move about the class
contesten answer
copien copy
digan say
escriban write
escuchen listen
hablen talk
hagan do…
lean en voz alta read out loud
levanten la mano raise your hand
miren look at
muévanse move
párense stand up
resuman summarize
repitan repeat
saquen la tarea take out your homework
saquen una hoja de papel take out a piece of paper
trabajen en parejas work in pairs
túrnense take turns


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