Week 6: Midterms


Annotation and Two-column notes portion of Midterm

Annotate the following reading. Be sure to:

  • Circle important vocabulary and define the words that you circle in the margins
  • Write short summaries of the important points on each page in the margins.
  • Create a two-column notes page for the 15 pages (writing the important points and study questions in the left column, and explanations and answers in the right column.)
  • Study your annotations and notes.

Next, answer the following questions:

1. What is another name for short-term memory? Explain its function.

  • What is the storage capacity for long-term memory?
  • Describe semantic encoding.
  • Describe the overall functions of encoding, storage and retrieval.
  • Describe the ways that high-imagery words are encoded.
  • Chunking refers to what practice? Why does this help memory?
  • How does sleep affect your memory?
  • Describe the techniques covered in this chapter for really learning information.
  • Declarative memory is what? How important is it?
  • Implicit memory is what? How is it formed?

2. Write a paragraph or two in which you describe which memory techniques you plan to use. Which ones do you think will work best for you? Why?

3. Personal Dictionary Midterm

4. Latin Roots Midterm


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